If you initially signed up for a free HaystackCRM account as a single user, you may upgrade to a full access paid account at any time. 

Start with logging into your HaystackCRM account on the web.

  • Select Manage Your Account from the settings dropdown menu
  • Select Upgrade Now button
  • Enter CC information in pop up form
  • Select number of users you wish to have full access
  • Subscribe

Your CC will be charged automatically monthly. Adjust the number of users to reflect the number of seats you wish to have.

After upgrading, you can invite users for the seats you have available.

You have to be an account owner to invite users. Follow the steps on the Invite Users page that can also be accessed from the dropdown menu. The Invite Users page should open in a new tab of https://account.haystackcrm.com/invite-users

  • Select Add/Edit Seats
  • Type in email addresses separated by a comma or line breaks
  • Send invitations

An invitation with a link will be delivered to the requested user via email and will be valid for 24 hours. A user of your account will use the email address to log in and create their own password for access to the company's HaystackCRM account.

Keep in mind that a HaystackCRM account gives you access to a web account and a mobile account. Download the HaystackCRM app for your device and log in with the same credentials.