Connect your HaystackCRM account to your Mailchimp account so that you can stay in HaystackCRM to check stats on your campaigns or add a Contact or Company to a Mailchimp list. You can connect HaystackCRM while using your account on your iOS device or the web. The activation and connection of your HaystackCRM and Mailchimp accounts can only be done by an owner or admin of a HaystackCRM account.

Let's start with the web-based account. From the top navigation bar, select Manage Account from the dropdown menu of Settings. The account management page will open in a new tab. Select MailChimp from the top navigation bar just to the left of Edit Profile. To activate the API and connect your Mailchimp account, type in the API key in the blank and select Submit. The API key is obtained on the Mailchimp website. Follow the directions outlined below:

  1. Go to MailChimp's website at
  2. Click on your User name on the top right corner of the screen and select "Account" in the drop down menu
  3. Select "Extras" from the horizontal list and click on "API keys" from the drop down menu
  4. Click on "Create a key" button from Your API keys section, copy the newly generate API key and paste it in the blank above

After you obtain the API key and submit, you will be able to change it or delete it if needed. 

While still on the web page for management of your Mailchimp account, you will see headings for tabs of "Lists", "Recent Campaigns" and "Recent Automations".

Select "Lists" to view all the lists associated with your Mailchimp account with statistics also available to view. Sort a column by selecting the up and down arrows next to a column header. Default view is alphabetically by list name. Search by list name in the field at the top right.

On the "Recent Campaigns" tab, you will view campaigns sent by the associated Mailchimp account with associated lists and statistics for the campaigns. Selecting "Recent Automations" will allow you to view in the same format of name of campaign, list used and statistics. Both can be sorted by the up and down arrows and searched by name.

Another way to connect your HaystackCRM and Mailchimp accounts is while using an iOS app for HaystackCRM. Go to Connections from the sidebar menu while in your HaystackCRM account. Tap any Contact or Connection to open a listing. Swipe right on the tab headings (Overview, Details, Tasks, etc.) to select the MailChimp tab. If you haven't connected your account previously via web or a iOS app, you will see directions to click the Activate button to start the process.

A new screen of Mailchimp Integration will open. Enter the API key obtained from your Mailchimp account by steps outlined above. Click Submit and your accounts will be connected.

Once the API key has been submitted and your accounts are connected, you can add a Contact or Company to a Mailchimp list. A Contact or Company must have an email address to add to the list in Mailchimp and you must follow protocols for obtaining permissions to add to a list.

You will have the option of Manage Lists or View Automations in the iOS apps for HaystackCRM. If a Contact or Company is not on a list, you will receive a prompt to add. Tap the plus button to the left of the list name to add a Contact or Company. Lists that an email address is subscribed to will display in the upper portion of the screen. Remove an email from a list by swiping right on the list area. The statistics for Open Rate and Click Rate will show for that Contact or Company. Also you can see which campaigns that list has been sent. A Contact or Company must be first subscribed to a list to be on an automated campaign. Select View Automations to see the campaigns sent to the list.

If you selected a Contact or Company without an email address entered into HaystackCRM, you will get a prompt to select a primary email address for the listing. Go to the Details tab to add or edit the email address.