Tags are useful tool to segment your Contact or Company or other records, by industry for example. Since Tags are viewed on the individual listing, this is a quick way to have information about a customer or potential customer. If you are working with a team, you may want to decide on your tags beforehand so that they are the same. However, you may want to use Tags as an individual to segment your profile listings.

You can view all Tags from accessing from the Settings menu on desktop or sidebar menu on the mobile app. You may assign a Tag by typing in the dialog box below the tags on the web interface. To assign a new tag from an iOS device, access the menu from the ellipsis in upper right of listing, clicking Tags, then Done when complete. You can scroll current tags or create a new one. 

From a record screen, you can tap or click a Tag and essentially that starts a search for that Tag. All the Contacts, Companies, Events, Opportunities, or Tasks will display if tagged the same as that tag. This give you a full view of how you are using Tags with your records.

Go back to the  record screen by using the back arrow. 

To delete a tag from a record, you must be on the desktop version and click the X button on the Tag label. If you do this, you will get a prompt or warning that you are removing a Tag. This removes it from that record, but not from your All Tags.