An Item can be either a product or service that your company provides. Get started by adding a new Item from the Item Screen or selecting Item from the Create dropdown menu. You may also Import and Export Items, accessing this route from the main Item Screen.

Establish a SKU (product or identification code) for every product or service prior to adding Items. You will be asked to enter a SKU at the start of the process of adding Items to your account. After entering a SKU, tap Create or Add New Item.  Then complete required fields of Name and Price. Several other fields are available but only fields completed will display on the Overview.

On the Details tab, you can edit the specifications of the Item. The fields are extensive and include:

Name, Description, SKU, List Price, UPC Code, Item Cost, Item Minimum Order Qty, Item Mult Order Qty, Vendor Name, Vendor SKU, Vendor Minimum Order Qty, Vendor Mult Order Qty, Taxable, Lead Time, Item Unit of Measure, Item Weight, Item Length, Item Width, Item Height, Item Dimension Unit of Measurement, Ship Weight, Ship Weight Unit of Measurement, Ship Length, Ship Width, Ship Height, Ship Dimensions Unit of Measurement, Ship Cubes, Item Family, Inventory Level.

These same fields are on the template for importing Items. Do not enter the Item ID on initial import as that will be assigned by the HaystackCRM system. Use the Item ID to make changes to the item record later.

Delete Item is available at the lower right corner of the Details screen.

Add images to the Item listing by selecting a file when in the Images tab. Various file types can be png, pdf, and jpg. First Choose File then Upload file

A tab for PDFs also allows uploading documents associated with the Item. This is useful for care instructions for example.