A Task is a quick to do item that you can add to other records.  After choosing any of the multiple ways to create one, name the Task.  The name is not preset so that you can give the Task a custom name, such as "Email Karen about booking flight".  Your list of Tasks is on your Dashboard so you can check off as complete as you progress through your work. 

To create one, you can add one from your Dashboard by clicking the button on the iOS apps. While working with another record like a Contact, Company or Opportunity, create a Task from the individual record screen Task tab. See image below. Another way to create a new Task is from the main Tasks screen found in your main navigation or sidebar menu. 

You can edit the details of a Task from the individual listing screen of a Task.  You may choose to associate with a Company, Contact, Event or Opportunity when editing. If you created a Task from another record like a Company or Contact, the Task will automatically be associated with that record. 

Tasks have an Overview, Alert, Details and Activity tabs on the individual Task screen, similar to other records. Unique to Tasks and Events are Alerts. Alerts are default to off. Add Alert initiates a push notification 10 minutes prior to time if needed. You can change the timing of an alert by clicking on "You will receive a Mobile Notification 10 minutes prior to the task". 

Options for methods of Alerts are a mobile push notification (not a SMS text) or an email notification. Timing of when to send can be adjusted depending on the method type. 

Tasks can be assigned to a user at the time of creation or later from the Details tab, then select Edit enter edit mode. Save your changes by selecting Done or Done Editing, depending if you are on an app or on the web version.

Once completed, check the box and the Task moves to the Completed list. View Completed Tasks by selecting the Completed tab from the list view of Tasks. Remember you can view Tasks on the Calendar too if you added an date.