Who’s Near Me and Who’s Near By are features that allow you to map your Contact or Company on your mobile device or desktop version. The feature is accessible from the main menu and from other screens in the mobile apps of HaystackCRM system. Permission must be given by user to use location on a mobile device. Check your Settings on your mobile device if you need to change permissions.

Work with the feature on desktop by accessing from the Connections screen or a Contact/Company listing.

The map will mark each Contact and Company that you have a listing for in HaystackCRM. You can visualize who is near your location and click on the map to get directions or more info about that profile.

Who’s Near Me screen defaults to 25 mile radius and increases to 100 miles by 25 mile increments. Contacts and Companies will list when opened. The list sorts by nearest in distance at the top.  A map will display pinpoints of each Contact or Company that can direct you to individual listing or directions. Return to map by using back arrow on either platform.

Who’s Near By is accessed by the Who's Near By button from the Contact or Company screen. The same screen as Who’s Near Me will open and a user can access the same information or directions to the Contact or Company.

Prospecting is available on iOS devices. Switch to the Prospecting tab and choose a category to see what companies match, based on Google My Business listings. These results can be added directly to your Company records in HaystackCRM with another tap. Quickly build your list of prospects based on mapping with this tool.