Connections are either a Contact or a Company. A Contact is an individual person that you are communicating with about your business. A Company is the business entity with whom you are working. To view your Contacts and Companies in list form, select Connections from the main or sidebar menu. You will have the option of viewing All or Recently Viewed. You can search for either in the global Search box. 

Both a Contact and a Company have an individual listing screen that has multiple tabs: Overview, Details, Events, Opportunities,Tasks, Notes, Files and Activity.  To access the individual listing screen, click or tap the name of the Contact or Company.


This screen will provide you with the most relevant contact information and current activity of Opportunities and Upcoming Events.


This gives you access to edit the record. You can add custom names to the top fields. For Contact Type, enter your own preference; suggestions are Prospect, Partner, Customer, or Vendor. You can change the assignment of the Contact or Company to another user by a dropdown. If you change the assignment to another user, that user will receive an email notifying them of the assignment.

For contact information like phone numbers, you can add multiple entries. Mark the entry as primary in order select the phone number to display on the Overview screen.

Events and Opportunities 

On these tabs, upcoming entries and historical data show. The past Events or Closed Opportunities can be viewed on the respective tabs. 


The Task tab shows uncompleted Tasks. A hyperlink allows you to edit the Task in another screen.


All Notes display and are a useful for building a relationship with a Connection. Type in a new note in box and add to record. Notes are time-stamped. You can edit a note to add or correct the information. From a mobile device, you may want to use utilize the voice commands on your keyboard.


Add a document to a record from the File tab. Follow the prompts to Import File from a mobile device, including accessing Google Drive, Dropbox or other locations.


This is a tab on a Contact, Company (or other record) on desktop that shows actions on the record by a user. Note Activity Stream is available on a iPad.

How to reach out to Connections

Call or send a text to the Contact or Company by tapping the phone number while in your mobile device. Email the Contact or Company by tapping or clicking the email address from the web or mobile app version. A new email with the To: field will be created using your email client. 

After reaching out to a Contact or Company by phone, we suggest you create a Note if needed to remember points of the conversation. Emails can be reviewed in the Emails tab if you have integrated an email account to HaystackCRM. See the article in "Adding an email account to HaystackCRM" in Getting Started for the quick steps.