Access your email account while staying in HaystackCRM by importing your emails. While you are logged into your HaystackCRM account, select Edit Profile from the Settings via the gear icon.

Click Import Your Emails into Haystack! while on the Edit User Profile screen. Add new emails account to start the process. An Email Account Editor will pop up. You will be able to select your HaystackCRM account from the dropdown list and then add the email address to you plan to use. Email settings will populate, except for the password, if you select Gmail or Office 365. To determine the settings for other email clients, look at the account settings for your email client.  A reference you may want to utilize is Save Changes and you will be returned to the administrative screen. If you reach this pop up screen in error, close this window without saving changes.

Your emails will start be ingesting into your HaystackCRM account within 24 hours. New emails will start to come into your HaystackCRM account; previous emails will not be imported. Find your email conversations in the Emails tab of a Contact or Company individual screen.