There are several ways to enter a new record in HaystackCRM. If you are using on your desktop or laptop, you will be able to enter a record individually or import several via a spreadsheet. Also you are able to enter manually or import an individual or several Contacts or Companies from your address book of your mobile device. Each record type has different fields depending on the record type, but all must be named to be created. Opportunities have unique fields of stage, status and temperature. The status must be marked as Open to display on your Dashboard.

Enter Manually

  • Access record type from the tab in header or sidebar menu

  • Click + (plus button) in upper right

  • Type in unique name

  • Click button of Add New ... or Create...

  • Complete fields of information on the Details screen

  • Check Primary box or star in order to display in the Overview tab for Company or Contact

  • Hit (plus button) on the desktop version to confirm and save the data in the field for a Company or Contact

  • Click or tap Done or Done Editing to save entered data

The details of any record can be changed by editing after selecting the Details tab on the individual listing. 

Import Company, Contact, Opportunity or Event via spreadsheet

  • Access record type from the navigation toolbar on web interface

  • Select Import

  • Prepare a .xlsx file for import using template downloaded from pop-up

  • After you have your file prepared, click Choose File button. 

  • Select Upload File

Preparing Files for Importing Records

To prepare a file for importing, you can work with a spreadsheet like Excel or Google Sheets. The file format required for importing is .xlsx. The field names depend on the record type. A name of a Company, Event or Opportunity is a required field. For a Contact, either a First Name or Last Name is required. All other fields can be edited if you choose after import.

For the fields of Assigned To, enter the email address of the user. For Tags, you may enter Tags separated by a comma. 

Do not enter a Company ID, Contact ID, or Opportunity ID or Event Id into the field for first time importing records. These numbers are generated by HaystackCRM. You can use the ID numbers to add to an existing or update a record. 

Contact Fields: First Name, Last Name, Nickname, Title/Position, Contact Type, EMail Address, Phone Number, Fax Number, Mail Address Name, Mail Address 1, Mail Address 2, Mail Address City, Mail Address State, Mail Address Country, Company ID, Company Name, Assigned To, Tags.

Company Fields: Company ID, Company Name, Lead Source, EMail Address, Phone Number, Fax Number, Mail Address Name, Mail Address 1, Mail Address 2, Mail Address City, Mail Address State, Mail Address Country, External System ID, Total Employees, Yearly Revenue, Assigned To, Tags, Website URL

Opportunity Fields: Opportunity ID, Opportunity Name, Description, Value, Status (OPen, Closed, Hold, Abandoned), Stage (Lead, Qualified, Quoted, Negotiation, Won, Lost), Temperature (Cold, Warm, Hot), Expected Close Date, Actual Close Date, Company ID, Company Name, Assigned To, Tags.

Event Fields:  Event ID, Event Name, Description, Start Date, End Date, All Day (Yes, No), Location, Type, Company ID, Company Name,  Opportunity ID, Opportunity Name, Assigned To, Tags.

Duplicate records will be detected. Error messages will return after importing if duplicates are detected.

Import Contact via mobile device

  • Open Connections 

  • While in the list view screen, tap Import to open the Address Book of your device

  • Check individual listing or Select All

  • Tap Import to complete process

The contacts imported from your mobile device are added to the Contact records of HaystackCRM. Any available information, including picture, is imported.